Terms & Conditons

By purchasing the Launch Your Website in a Day service, you’re agreeing to Ceda Branding LTD and Anna Hickman, Founder of Ceda Branding ("Service Providers") terms of use. “Client” is entering into this Service Provider Agreement ("Agreement") and agree to adhere to all terms & conditions. 

Scope of Work

Ceda Branding LTD shall provide The Client with the following services and/or products:

1. A 1-hour brand strategy call and 30 minute website strategy call with Anna Hickman, Founder of Ceda Branding LTD
2. Brand Colors, fonts and wordmark logo
3. Access and customization of your choice of Ceda Branding’s Custom Website Templates
3. Customized Desktop and Mobile versions of 5 page Showit website, including Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Contact Page & Bonus Sales Page
4. Access to Ceda Branding’s library of Showit instructional videos

Note: If the scope of the project change, or if it involves more time than estimated, Service Provider will inform The Client and they can renegotiate the project's cost. Service Provider also maintains the right to decline any work not detailed in this agreement.

Payment and Due Dates

The total cost ("Total Cost") for all Services is $2400 due in full within 30 days of purchasing this Launch Your Website in a Day offer. The Client shall pay the Total Cost to Ceda Branding LTD as follows:

1. One payment of $2400 due within 30 days of purchase, including a $1000 non-refundable deposit
2. Two equal payments of $1200 due within 30 days of purchase, the first payment is a $1200 non refundable deposit.
3. Four equal payments of $625 due within 30 days of purchase, of which $1200 is a non refundable deposit.

These payments include a $1200 non-refundable Deposit. At a minimum, The Client agrees that the Deposit Cost fairly compensates Service Provider for committing to provide the Services and turning down other potential projects/clients.

There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges for any service or product from Ceda Branding LTD or Anna Hickman.

Rescheduling and Cancelation Policy

One reschedule is allowed per client if done more than 48 hours before your Launch Your Website in a Day is about to start. If there is an emergency within the 24 hours, please contact me to figure out how we can make things work in the future.

Late Payments

If Service Provider has not received payment in full, from Client within 5 days after the date of the invoice, there will be a $125 fee. If client has an unpaid invoice for more than 10 days, the client relationship will be terminated and all materials will be sent over as is.

If Client has not paid an invoice for more than 30 days, Service Provider may refer collection of the unpaid amount to an attorney or collections agency. If Client’s unpaid invoices are referred to an attorney or collections agency, Client shall pay all reasonable attorney’s fees or collections agency fees as well as the Service Providers deemed time spent on collecting this payment.

Service Provider reserves the right to discontinue work until the compensation due pursuant to this Agreement is paid in full. Service Provider reserves the right to terminate this Agreement upon Client’s failure to pay the compensation due to Service Provider pursuant to this Agreement.

Client Expectations

1. Please come prepared for all meetings and ensure you arrive on time and ready to participate.
2. If you have feedback or concerns, please transparently communicate them as soon as possible. This helps us to achieve a successful project outcome.
3. Be on time for all due dates. Missed due dates greatly affect Ceda Branding's schedule, other client projects and the timeline of this Launch Your Website in a Day service.
4. Content due dates must be met within 3 working days or the project will automatically be put on hold. The original deadline will terminate and a new deadline will be established upon our availability.
5. On the day of the intensive, The Client must be communicable for the entirety of the day. Questions from Service Provider must be replied to within one hour to allow the project to be completed on schedule. If you have other commitments throughout the day, please communicate as soon as possible to allow for Service Provider to carry out specified work on time.

Deliverables required by The Client

This document constitutes a strict deliverable agreement to ensure that the Service Provider is able to perform the tasks outlined in this agreement. The following materials need to be given to us before the Website Content Due Date, set 3 days before the day of the intensive.

1. Website Template needs to be picked out by client
2. Client needs to be signed up for Showit on a paid plan of their own
3. Client needs to already have purchased domain
4. Client needs to migrate blog or podcast if there is one
5. Gather all testimonials and portfolio examples from previous clients
6. Create freebies or lead magnets to use on the website
7. Provide all website copy, including completing all sections of the Website Copy Template provided to you for each of the pages
8. External links that will be used on the website
9. Legal pages consisting of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy all need to be created prior to the call – If you choose to not use them, or want to launch without them, Anna Hickman and Ceda Branding LTD are not responsible for any GDPR compliance issues or legality concerns related to your choice.
10. Clients photos need to be submitted to Service Provider prior to design.

It is the clients responsibility to provide all content, including images, copy and external links. If said content isn’t provided, it can prevent the site from going live during the one-day intensive. Client can also choose to launch on their own terms of their time line is geared towards a specific date or other reasons, and releases the Service Provider from the responsibility to launch the new website that’s been created.

The VIP Day is a partnership and collaboration and both parties must work together to complete this project efficiently.


Revisions are unlimited during the design day. After this 30 days are alloted for The Client to ask questions and receive support relating to the project, which does not include extra design hours.


Both parties understand that The Client or Service Provider may terminate the services at any time if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. In the event of cancellation of this project, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork shall be retained by Ceda Branding LTD as well as the non-refundable deposit. The Client acknowledges they will be responsible for paying for the percentage of work completed and expenses already incurred by the date of cancellation, whether the final deliverables have been given to the client or not.


The Client shall reimburse Service Provider for all expenses arising from this assignment, including but not limited to Stock Photography, Artwork, Forms and or material that may be needed for the project as agreed upon by The Client on a case-by-case basis. Service Provider will consult The Client before purchasing any materials outside the service cost.


Both parties understand they may receive confidential information throughout this project including but not limited to passwords, logins, payment information, addresses, and general business information. Service Provider and The Client will never share or sell this information with any third party without expressed permission from the other party.

Copyright Ownership

Website Copyright Ownership

The Client acknowledges that upon final payment for the Website Design project, Service Provider transfers copyright ownership of all originally created deliverables, including Website Visual Design, Text Content and Custom Graphics. All aforementioned originally created deliverables are wholly owned by Service Provider prior to the final project invoice paid by The Client. This means that if the project is cancelled before completion, Service Provider retains ownership of everything, and no rights are granted to The Client to use them.

It is understood that “Website Design By Ceda Branding” is to remain on the site for it’s existence to give credit to Service Provider and the efforts made. It is to remain hyperlinked to [c](http://boldxboho.com/)edabranding.com and should not and cannot be removed.

Any design designed by Ceda Branding LTD or Anna Hickman cannot be re-sold or redistributed in any way by a third party. If in the case another designer works on this website created by Anna Hickman in the Launch Your Website in a Day experience, the website must remain with the “Website Design By Ceda Branding” in the websites footer with the text hyperlinked to [c](http://boldxboho.com/)edabranding.com for a period of five years after these terms have been agreed upon by client.

Acceptance of Terms

The action of the purchasing the Launch Your Website in a Day service will hold both parties in acceptance of these terms. This Agreement will not take effect, and Service Provider will have no obligation to provide services, until Client returns a signed copy of this Agreement and pays for the one-day intensive session.

Service Provider: Anna Hickman
Founder and Designer at Ceda Branding LTD
Email: hello@cedabranding.com
Business Address: 193 Frimley Green Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 6JY
Date created: 8 July 2022

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